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As women age and go through the menopause, different skin concerns can arise during this period.

Thin skin, or crepiness, and lines and wrinkles are two main aspects which can be prevalent. These are often a result of the body making less oestrogen. Falling levels can be linked to the body not being able to hold onto water as well. These lower levels of oestrogen also affect the thickness of the skin.

As we age our bodies also do not always absorb as many vitamins as they once did. Taking supplements or having regular IVN Vitamin Drips can help to bolster the bodies uptake and help to provide more energy and better immunity.

Some pre-existing skin conditions can also get worse during this time. Acne can occur due to stress on the liver caused by the menopause. When the liver detoxes it can affect our skin. As we age, our bodies tend to also slow down more, sometimes causing bowel issues which again, can affect the complexion.  Skin conditions such as rosacea, eczema, or dry skin can also flare up during the menopause.

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