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What is rosacea?

Rosacea affects the face and can be found in both women and men but is more common in women. Men with rosacea, however, can suffer worse symptoms.

Rosacea on the face presents as red blushing across the cheeks, nose, forehead, and chin. It can be a condition that appears and disappears. This blushing can often accompany a burning feeling when applying skin care products. The redness can highlight broken blood vessels in the face or be accompanied with small spots or bumps.

Whilst it is not known what causes rosacea on the face, there can be certain factors which can trigger a flare up. These can include things like spicy foods, caffeine, alcohol, cheese, and cardiovascular exercise.

Aesthetics Life would recommend that you speak to your GP or pharmacist to see if a topical ointment may help and to seek diagnosis that it is in fact rosacea. Wearing SPF, using skin care products designed for sensitive skin and trying to manage stress levels will all help to reduce bad flare ups.

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