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Knowing how to treat acne is something a lot of people suffer with. A lot of acne suffers have tried topical creams, antibiotics, the contraceptive pill and in extreme cases Roaccutane, prescribed by your doctor. This can be very hit or miss with results and can also have some nasty side effects on the body.

There is an alternative solution to treating acne, and that’s by stepping into the world of aesthetics. Using skincare developed by medical professionals and scientists, as well as having treatments in-clinic, could be the final solution to treating acne!

Treating acne at home

A good skincare routine at home is the basis of clear skin.

  • A good clean gel cleanser with no alcohol or any other stripping ingredients. A cleanser with salicylic acid of a low % is also good.
  • A hydrator is essential as bacteria spreads less if the skin is nice and hydrated. Water based products involving hyaluronic acid is a go too.
  • Acne treatment serum is great to add in to target individual breakouts or larger areas.
  • Sun protection is very important to help protect the skin and prevent any pigmentation left from the acne. Oil free is best.

Other products that can be used at home to help with acne is retinol; retinol exfoliates the top layer of skin, which helps unclog the pores, it also resurfaces any left over pigmentation and regulates over production of oil. As well as this, using a chemical exfoliator 1-2x a week can allow exfoliation without causing further irritation. Alongside diet and lifestyle changes, being persistent with homecare is a huge step closer to clearer skin.

What can we offer in-clinic for treating acne?

After a skin assessment in-clinic, we can tailor a homecare routine and a treatment plan specific to your skin. We partner with Alumier MD, a clean, science lead skincare brand that has medical grade formulas that are proven to work. Our skin expert Emma will be able to guide you through the right products for your skin.

Treatments we can offer include Alumier MD facials and chemical peels. These treatments help resurface, unclog pores and correct discolouration in the skin; having a course of these will help improve the condition of your acne. Another treatment we offer is Mesotherapy (Plasonic). Mesotherapy (Plasonic) is a plasma shower that opens the microchannels of the skin up and destroys the acne bacteria in the skin. Having regular plasonic facials can reduce the acne on the skin before then maintaining the results with chemical peels.

AlumierMD’s top products for treating acne

We are stockist of AlumierMD products in our medical spa, and we have a huge range of products for you to shop from. There are a few specific products which are perfect for targeting acne:

  • Essentials Kit for Oily Skin – includes a purifying gel cleanser, ultimate boost serum and clear shield SPF.
  • Acne balancing serum
  • Enzymatic peel

Book your skin consultation with Emma today.

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