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What is a weak chin?

A weak chin is simply an undefined chin. This can mean that the facial shape has no defined edge at the bottom and can make some people feel self-conscious.

The chin is an important part of what makes a balanced facial shape. The relationship between the eyes, nose and chin has been defined in a standard of beauty known as the ‘golden ratio’. This means, if the chin isn’t how we would expect it to be, it can really make a difference to the appearance of the whole face because the balance is lost due to the weak chin.

Is a receding chin the same as a weak chin?

A receding chin is where the chin curves back towards the neck, whereas a weak chin simply means ‘undefined’.

Having a weak or recessive chin is very common, in both men and women, and unless it is an extreme malformation – affecting speech or eating – it is usually a cosmetic concern. A weak or receding chin can be easily addressed with non-surgical, cosmetic solutions, using dermal fillers. Cosmetic improvement in this way can help to improve self-confidence.

Having a strong jawline is an attractive feature, in both men and women, but for some the chin does not protrude far enough away from the face. The chin can appear small or sunken back, affecting those golden ratio beauty lines between the nose, lips and chin. A small chin can often mean that there is no clear definition between the chin and neck which can also make the mouth and lips appear oversized.

Although a minor genetic phenomenon, or a result of injury, the appearance of the chin and jawline can be enhanced by building volume and definition both in the point of the chin and along the jawline or jowl area, to increase its prominence and bring the face back into balance.

At Aesthetics Life we use temporary hyaluronic acid-based dermal fillers that offer a safe, cosmetic solution to this concern. We have been administering dermal fillers to patients for well over fifteen years now and in that time have learnt and perfected advanced techniques such as chin contouring.

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