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I had a message from a company on Tuesday asking me if I was interested in having a TV ad in the local gym. I was a bit surprised since I already had a meeting with this company 6 months ago and had paid for 6 months of advertising in this gym. I knew the TV’s had not been set up and would expect the 6 months of advertising to start when the TV’s were up and running.

I rang this company back and informed them I had a contract for 6 months at this gym already. They checked their records and said that I was signed up to a different gym location and a sales rep had signed the contract on my behalf. I faxed them my contract which I signed and had the location I wanted.

The company rang back after a few hours and explained that the rep that had been seen me had been sacked since he was caught changing contracts. He only got his commission when the ad went live and since my location was not live he swapped it to one that was and had got one of his colleagues to sign the contract.

I was in shock that someone could do this and also the fact that they thought they could get away with this. The company have agreed to place my ad in the location I had signed for and for 6 months when they go live.

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