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Why should you go to a Dentist or other medical professional for Botox® and aesthetic treatments?

When deciding to have facial aesthetic treatments, such as Botox® it is important to choose a medical professional. Dentists, among other medics, are often a popular choice for clinician.

Due to aesthetic industry regulations, non-medics can train in these medical services and offer them to the public. At Aesthetics Life we champion the importance of having these medical treatments performed by medically qualified professionals.

Many injectable treatments, such as Botox®, are performed quickly and need little downtime. Therefore, they have started to be considered as beauty treatments, such as getting your nails or lashes done. Whilst they are quick and relatively pain-free, it is important to remember these are still medical treatments and should be approached as such – by a fully trained, qualified, medical professional.

To put it in other words… you go to have your eyebrows microbladed by a qualified professional, not someone with a sharpie and hope for the best!

The importance of anatomy

At Aesthetics Life all of our clinicians are also dental medical professionals with years of medical training within the face and neck region. Knowing the anatomy of the areas undergoing treatment are of the upmost importance. Not knowing where muscles and veins are, is the main reason patients experience complications post-treatment.

Dealing with complications

I’m sure we’ve all seen articles in popular tabloids about lip fillers or Botox® going wrong. Most of the time these stories stem from patients having these medical injectable procedures performed by non-medics.

As non-medics these aesthetic practitioners also are often ill-equipped to deal with any medical complications arising from these procedures and so cannot quickly and effectively deal with complications in an efficient manner. These ‘horror stories’ then appear in the news and understandably fuel the fear in those looking at getting aesthetic treatments.

Rest assured at Aesthetics Life all our clinicians are dental medical professionals offering Botox® and other non-surgical aesthetic treatments, in a clean, clinical environment.

The results

Also remember that there are many brands of products used in aesthetic treatments. Botox® is in fact a brand of injectable anti-wrinkle treatment. There are many out there and not every brand of dermal fillers or anti-wrinkle treatment are made with high quality ingredients that last. There are a lot of inferior products out there. A non-medic may offer cheaper treatments but are you really getting good value in what you are risking and how long the results will last?

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