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A recent national study has found that teeth are the number one facial feature that people would change. Three out of four of adults think that a nice smile is important to landing their dream job. 84% think that an attractive smile is important for meeting Mr or Ms Right.

The study was conducted on a representative sample of 1000 United Kingdom adults (both men and women) between 18 and 50 years of age. The poll was the first national survey of its kind and explored the importance of smiles in relation to business and careers, dating and marriage, the social arena, and the overall value of smiles and self-esteem.

smiles and the social arena

94% of those polled said they are likely to notice a person’s smile when they meet them for the first time. People are less likely to notice someone’s eyes, height or figure. More than one half (71%) believe people with a nice smile make friends more easily than people without. Over one third agree bad teeth overshadow the rest of a person’s appearance. An overwhelming majority of adults (85%) consider a person’s smile to be very important at an initial meeting.

smiles and self esteem

Almost two thirds (64%) agree that people with a nice smile are more outgoing. 77% think that having discoloured teeth as an adult makes a person feel self conscious. 87% think one’s smile is very important to their self esteem. When asked which facial characteristic they would change if they could, one in four adults (25%) would change their teeth/smile. Smaller proportions would change their skin (17%) or nose (13 %).

smiles and the opposite sex

84% of adults perceive having an attractive smile as important for getting a date with Mr or Ms Right. Over one third would not be likely to set up their best friend on a blind date with someone with bad teeth. One third would not be likely to kiss someone with bad teeth. An overwhelming majority of adults (85%) consider a person’s smile to be very or somewhat important at a first meeting. Almost nine out of ten (86%) think people with good teeth are more attractive to the opposite sex.

survey source:

HPOL – the global leader in online market research. HPOL uses internet based and traditional methodologies to provide its clients with information about the views, experiences, behaviours and attitudes of people worldwide. Through its U.S. and Global Network offices, HPOL conducts research in more than 80 different countries, in more than 30 different languages.

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