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Dr Harry Singh explains why botulinum toxin injections, using Azzalure™ could be the right solution for your nose wrinkles.

Bunny lines may look good on Bugs Bunny, but many people wish they could get rid of theirs. Well, the good news is you can with wrinkle relaxing injections.

Firstly, let’s clarify what we’re talking about here – what are ‘bunny lines’?

Bunny lines are part of the family of wrinkles referred to as ‘dynamic lines’, the ones which are created in your skin from repeated movement, usually on expression and during common facial movements involved in speaking, smiling, eating etc. Dynamic wrinkles which can be treated with wrinkle relaxing injections include frown lines and crow’s feet, as well as bunny lines. Some people scrunch up their nose during some expressions and this creates the ‘bunny lines’ across the bridge and sides of the nose, in a fan formation. Over time, these fine lines will start to remain in the skin, even when there is no underlying facial movement.

As you age, and the more you express yourself and use your facial muscles, the more the overlying skin gets repeatedly wrinkled and creased as you do so. Therefore, lines eventually become somewhat ingrained in the skin and are visible even when you stop making the expression. But, we have the answer to bunny lines at my clinic in Stevenage, Hertfordshire.

The solution is anti-wrinkle or wrinkle relaxing injections, which can be prescribed for you after a face-to-face consultation and discussion with me, Dr. Harry Singh. I will ask you to move your face, by making certain expressions, paying particular attention to the areas that you are concerned about, such as if you think you have bunny lines. I will review your skin quality and take a detailed medical history to make sure that you are suitable for treatment. Other options, such as dermal fillers, can also be used to help with wrinkles or lost volume to plump out your skin, so we can discuss the best option and treatment programme for you.

Wrinkle relaxing injections refer to a medicine or drug called botulinum toxin type A. This is available as several different brand names including Botox® and Azzalure™. I prefer to use Azzalure in my clinic.

Azzalure works by reducing the strength of certain facial muscles for a short period of time, approximately 4 to 6 months. The botulinum toxin is injected in very small doses into specific points on the sides of your nose to target the bunny lines. You won’t get an instant result as it takes about a week to get to work. In the days after the injections, the botulinum toxin starts to stop the communication channels between your nerves and the muscles in the nose area where we have treated, so that movement can be restricted. Once the botulinum toxin has reduced the muscle movement, but not so much that you can’t make any expression or look unnatural, the overlying skin will start to become less wrinkled. Over time you’ll start to notice a real improvement in your skin quality if you maintain regular repeat treatments every 4 to 6 months.

So, if you’re bothered by bunny lines please arrange a consultation appointment with me, Dr. Harry Singh at Aesthetics in Stevenage, Hertfordshire and we can discuss if Azzalure botulinum toxin anti-wrinkle injections are the solution for you. Please call us on 0800 006 2266.

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