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As we age our skin cells become thinner and less sticky.

Obviously thinner cell mean the appearance of the skin is thinner.

The lack of stickiness reduces how effective how barrier function is. This means moisture in our skin is released rather than being kept in making in drier.

The amount of cells decreases by 10% every 10 years, as the reproduction of cells slows down the speed in which our skin repairs itself also slows and becomes less effective.

The natural production of collagen also decreases and our elastin fibers start to wear out. These are the building blocks of our skin; the elastin is what keeps everything in place. As this starts to wear out the building blocks of our skin start to crumble, this is what causes our skin to sag and wrinkle. However there is some good news, anti wrinkle treatments such as botox hertfordshire can reverse these signs of aging.

Our sweat glands reduce in numbers and although our sebaceous glands increase in size they produce less moisture. This causes again a drier skin. Dry skin looks dull and tired.

You fat cells also shrink no longer plumping out those wrinkles/folds.

It is important to keep the skin well hydrated to prevent loss of water, keep it protected so it doesn’t have to work harder to repair itself. Eat well with lots of healthy non saturated fats (omega oils). Look at products that target free radical damage (free radicals are around us all the time in the environment (pollution) and cause aging. Antioxidants will help fight the free radical damage.




Dr Harry Singh (Dentist) has been carrying out facial aesthetics since 2002 and undertakes botox in Hertfordshire and dermal fillers in Hertfordshire. He also trains other dentists in facial aesthetics.


If you’re looking for botox in Stevenage and botox in Hertfordshire, aesthetics can help you restore your confidence, improve your skin complexion and enhance your appearance by reducing your fine lines and wrinkles and replacing any loss volume.  Please call 07849 279588 to book your FREE initial consultation.

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