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Have the potential side effects of Botox® put you off from having the treatment to reduce your wrinkles?

Botox® is a very popular treatment to reduce wrinkles, however you need to be aware of certain side effects associated with this procedure. If you are unsure on what to expect after the procedure, we will explain all the common side effects and want you can do to minimise these or even eliminate them.

Botox® is a very effective treatment and we don’t want you to be put off by scare stories you have read in the press or seen on the television. If you are informed and prepared for the side effects associated with Botox® you will have peace of mind and not let it put you off the procedure.

Here are the different side effects you can potentially expect:

1. Headaches

Botox® can dehydrate your body and you will need to follow a couple of instructions to minimise and prevent this. We recommend to drink plenty of water after the procedure, at least 2 litres of water in the first 24 hours.We also advise to avoid alcohol for the first 24 hours.

2.Drooping eyelids

There are a number of reasons why this may occur:

  1. (a)  Too much Botox® has been given in the forehead. This muscle lifts your eyes, so if it is relaxed too much it will not be able to maintain the position of your eyes.
  2. (b)  Not enough Botox® has been administrated in your frown muscle. This muscle pulls your eyes down, so if this muscle is still active, then it will have a downward pull on the eyes
  3. (c)  The Botox® may have travelled downwards to the eyes. This could have been caused by exercising straight after the procedure or bending downwards. So we recommend not to exercise for 24 hours after the procedure and also not to bend down too excessively

3.Frozen look

This will occur if too much Botox® has been administrated. We would normally recommend to underdose initially and if you require further treatment then to have the Top Up after a couple of weeks. The frozen look will disappear over time as the effects of Botox® begin to wear off. This is different for each person and can be anything between 3-6 months.

4.Wrinkles still there

The effects of the treatment will normally take around 2 weeks to work. The first few days your skin will feel tighter at the injection area. You should have a review appointment 2 weeks after the initial visit. At this visit the Doctor will see if you require any further Botox®, known as the Top Up. This will take on average a week for you to see the results. If the wrinkles are still present then either you will need more Botox® or you were not suitable for the procedure, e.g deep lines or lines at rest only (i.e no lines on facial expression).

5.Inflammation and Swelling

You will experience slight redness at the injection sites. This is common, so don’t be alarmed. This will normally resolve within an hour of having the procedure.

Due to the amount of fluid being injected you will also expect to see some swelling at the injection sites. This will be similar to a bee sting and will resolve within an hour of the procedure.


Interested in botox hertfordshire, why not give us a call on 0800 006 2266 and see how Dr Harry Singh from aesthetics in Stevenage, Hertfordshire can help you.

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