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Your dentist needs to be up to date with all the latest techniques and materials. Cosmetic dentistry is moving at a fast pace and you do not want to be stuck with someone that uses outdated techniques or materials. There are two main organisations that will keep your dentist up to date:

British Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry

American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry

artistic excellence

Smile design requires an unique ability to transform problem teeth into a flawless smile. You should not need to ask to see the dentist’s previous work; they will be proud of what they have created and be willing to share it with you. They should have portfolios available at the practice and a smile gallery section on their web site. You want to see smiles that look natural and healthy. No one wants a fake smile.


Continual professional development is a must for any dentist carrying out cosmetic dentistry. Don’t be afraid to ask about recent courses the dentist has been on and particularly courses on the procedures you are interested in. Also make sure your dentist has attended hands – on courses, so they have practised beforehand what they intend to carry out on you.


Dentists who are using the latest high tech equipment and materials are also more likely to be up to date on most recent treatments. Expect to have a quick tour of the practice – you will get a feel for the cleanliness and organisation of the clinical areas.

Expect the dentist to have digital radiographs (90% less radiation), digital cameras specially designed to take good quality pictures of your teeth, a central sterilisation area and all the relevant information on their premises.


This is the most important aspect of changing your smile procedure. Expect this to take at least an hour, as an extensive protocol needs to be followed to achieve that perfect smile. It should include the following:

informal discussion regarding any questions you may have about your dental needs and any specific service you are interested in

tour of practice and introduction to members of your team

evaluation of your medical, dental and smile questionnaires

comprehensive examination of your teeth and supporting structures

any necessary digital radiographs and photographs

explanation of any findings via the video camera and photographs

discussion on treatment options available to you via previous cases treated

printed treatment plan outlying number of visits and costs per visit

discussion of different finance options available

address any further concerns or questions you may have


When creating that exciting new smile, the dentist will be working closely with their laboratory. The laboratory is responsible for producing the veneers. The dentist will be proud of their laboratory and will provide literature supporting their excellence.

treatment plan

Your dentist from the outset will clearly indicate the number of visits required, how long each one will last and exactly what will happen in each. You will be told how long it will take for any laboratory work to return. Your time is precious; make sure you know how long the whole procedure will take.


Cosmetic dentistry is surprisingly accessible, but be careful not to skimp on your smile. Do not automatically go for the lowest bidder – it can mean they are cutting corners on the quality of materials and at worse this can lead to more expensive and extensive treatment later on.

Before any procedure can be started, you should have a written treatment plan outlining the fees involved, payment terms and finance options available. Sometimes, creating your new healthy smile can be expensive and you should be given the choice of different financial options, to make it more affordable.


You may have initially come in for the perfect smile, but at what cost? You need to find a dentist that will be honest with you and explain all risks associated with different options. It may be in your best interests to compromise on that perfect look for something that is functional and durable. You will need to get honest answers from your dentist as to how the smile you have requested will affect your bite, gums and the general action of your teeth.


Expect to receive excellent customer care. Staff should be happy to ensure that all your questions are answered and that you are comfortable throughout your treatment. A warm relaxing environment is essential to make the treatment as comfortable as possible.

call us on 01707 261367 or visit cosmetic dentist herts for furhter information.

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