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You would not buy a new pair of shoes, glasses or item of clothing before trying them on and committing yourself to the purchase. So why not have the same reassurance with your new smile.

There are a number of ways you can predict and see what your new smile will look like:


This is where a mould of your existing teeth is taken and sent off to the laboratory. A wax mock – up is created by putting wax on the mould, giving an indication of what your new smile will look like. You can take the wax-up home to show your family and friends. We will not proceed with any treatment until you are completely satisfied with the wax-up.

trial veneers

If you need veneers or crowns to achieve that perfect smile, we can show you the final result. Once you are happy with the wax-up, we use it to construct the trial veneers. The wax-up effect is then transferred to your teeth. You are left with these for a couple of days to judge their appearance and function. The great thing about these trial restorations are that they are very easy to modify in the mouth. Once you are happy with the trial restorations, we take an impression of them, and the laboratory will copy them exactly.

For more information visit cosmetic dentist herts or telephone 01707 261367

Some dentists use cosmetic imaging software, to show you the final possible result. In our experience we have found that this may give you unrealistic expectations and you may be disappointed with the final result. We are completely honest with you at the beginning and if we feel it is not possible to produce the results you want because they are unrealistic or because it will damage the long term prognosis of your teeth, we will refuse to carry out any procedures.

At aesthetics our emphasis is on creating natural looking smiles, not fake, large Hollywood Smile. We aim for the ‘European Smile’. Ultimately you, as the patient, have the final choice, we would advise you on what we recommend and what would look natural.

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