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Safe Botox – What Should I Know?

There was some fantastic news in the aesthetics industry yesterday, that a new law will soon come into effect in the UK requiring those that carry out Botox, Dermal Fillers and other aesthetic treatments to hold a licence to ensure safe practise.

Sadly, there are far too many people that have inadequate knowledge and training that don’t offer safe Botox, or other injectables to the public, too often resulting in the horror stories that we all read about in the news.

Safe Botox – New Legislation

The new legislation will protect against rogue practitioners and ensure no one can administer these injectable treatments without a valid licence. This new scheme will see consistent standards brought in across the industry that all practitioners must meet, whilst also stipulating precise safety and hygiene standards within facial aesthetic premises.

This should greatly aid to combat ‘back street’ clinics that really should not be offering these services as they cannot deal adequately with any potential complications that may arise from their work – putting their patients at risk.

This news is another step in the right direction, towards regulation of the facial aesthetics industry. It follows the Botulinum Toxin and Cosmetic Fillers (Children) Act which came into effect last October which finally put a stop to anyone advertising or administering dermal fillers or toxin to those under 18 years of age.

Owner and Founder of Aesthetics Life, Dr Harry comments;

“Having worked in the facial aesthetics industry since 2002, I have always championed safe protocols. Running my own clinic since 2002 I know the importance of adequate clinical knowledge and training needed to be able to provide these services to patients. I have sat on medical boards and actively sought to push the industry towards more regulations to ensure a safe experience for all patients, in all clinics, who opt for aesthetic treatments. This news signals a positive shift towards more regulations.

As well as running aesthetic clinics – led solely by medical professionals, I also run a facial aesthetics training academy to train medical professionals in safe and effective administering techniques, to ensure fantastic results for their patients in the most comfortable way possible. I am also first to know of new techniques and treatments within the industry. An added benefit for Aesthetics Life patients who get to benefit from these first.”

Safe Botox and Aesthetics Life

At Aesthetics Life we feel a treatment that is clinical in nature should only be performed by a qualified medical professional. Yes, you potentially could spend less on your Botox treatment at a salon but does the practitioner have adequate medical knowledge for the treatment and product they are administering? Are they using the right – premium – product to achieve the results you want? And, on the chance a complication should arise, does the practitioner know how to deal with it quickly and efficiently?

We urge anyone looking for facial aesthetic treatments to do their research and find a fully qualified medical clinician to perform their treatment. Don’t base your decision solely on price alone – there is often a reason for such low prices, which can have dangerous outcomes.

At Aesthetics Life all injectable treatments, like Botox are performed safely by fully qualified medical professionals, using premium products at a great value to our patients. You are never at risk of lower quality or counterfeit products being used.

Head on over to our treatments page for more information on what we offer.

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