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Dr Singh who runs his botox clinic in Stevenage, Hertfordshire, in his latest blog shares his thoughts on How to find a reputable and registered Botox® Clinic

Botox® treatments are safe; however it is imperative to find a reputable, registered and experienced doctor within an established clinic. Below are a few guidelines to follow when considering a Botox® Clinic:
1, Injecting Botox® requires a qualified, specifically trained, skilled doctor who has had many years’ experience in this field.
2, You should check that the doctor administering the Botox® injection is registered with the General Medical Council (GMC). The GMC have an online checking service that allows you to see if the doctor is registered.
3, It is important to check that the doctor has the relevant insurances to protect you if something was to go wrong.
4, Beware of the premises and environment you will be going to. A small minority of premises are not suitable to perform botox injectable treatments. Attending a free consultation will allow you to see the premises, use of equipment.
5, Beware of service regularities from a particular premises. Does the clinic open at regular time and the same address? Is it always the same doctor that performs the Botox® treatment? How long has this particular doctor being work at the clinic?
6, Seek clinics and / or a doctor who only specialises in Botox® and other aesthetic procedures, a good rule is that a particular clinic or doctor provides dermal fillers.
7, Look at the success of the clinic or doctor, for example testimonials, awards they have won, speak to other about a particular clinic or doctor.
8, Many reputable botox clinics offer a free consultation. This is good news, as it allows you to check the premises, staff and how confident and comfortable you feel with the doctor.
9, A good indication that the clinic is highly reputable is they provide a free follow up service. This service is also known as the top up. If you are new to Botox® injections, it is good practice for you to follow up with the doctor two weeks later to make sure that you are happy with the results.
10, In the United Kingdom, many clinics’ charge for Botox® injection per area, such as frown lines as being one area and crow’s feet being another area. Some clinics in the United Kingdom may charge a supplement for men having Botox®, as men have stronger facial muscles and will need higher doses.

For more information about botox hertfordshire, please call us on 0800 006 2266.

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