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Do they really exist. I attended a one day lecture today on this very subject in London. I was surprised with the low number of my professional colleagues that attended. Compared to other more ‘sexy’ subjects it may not be as appealing as other topics.

The day was split with an American dentist in the morning discussing correct doses to use and dealing with medical emergencies. You hope you never have to deal with a severe medical emergency but it is reassuring to know what to do if such a situation arises. An interesting development came out that probably by next year dental practices would be required to keep an automatic external defibrillator. Also by next year a new injectable drug will go on the market that can reverse the signs of dental local anaesthetics.

In the afternoon we listened to a dentist from Newcastle. He has done extensive research on what type of injections and where they should be placed to give the maximum result with the minimum discomfort.

I am glad I attended this lecture, at aesthetics we will put into practice on what was learned today and together with our spa like facilities we will make your visit to us as comfortable as possible.

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