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What is a Lip Flip?

A Lip Flip differs from other lip enhancement procedures, in the fact that no dermal filler product is used. Instead, Botox™, or another anti-wrinkle injectable brand, is used in the top lip to boost the lips appearance.

The aim of a Lip Flip is to relax the orbicularis oris muscle, which controls the mouth and lips – enabling the top lip to ‘flip’ outwards and thus creating the illusion of larger lips.

Lip Flip vs Lip Fillers

The main notable difference between a Lip Flip and lip filler treatment, is the fact that nothing is injected into the lip itself to make them any bigger. Instead, Botox™ is injected into the upper lip only, to relax the muscles above the top lip and makes the lip ‘flip’ slightly forwards. This makes the lip look more projected and creates a subtle lip enhancement. No volume is added to the lips themselves with a Lip Flip treatment.

Lip Flips are quicker and less invasive than a dermal filler lip treatment, using less product and so therefore generally are less expensive. However, due to the shorter nature of Botox™, Lip Flips last generally 3-4 months; whereas dermal fillers last 6-12 months.
As with any Botox™ treatment, lip flips will take up to 2-weeks for the results to show. While lip filler treatment will be visible immediately, albeit with some swelling for a short period of time.

Who is Suited For a Lip Flip?

A Lip Flip can work well for individuals who want a subtle lip enhancement, but don’t wish to use dermal fillers. If the patient has a gummy smile, when excess gum is shown when smiling, then a lip flip is not suitable. This is because this treatment would show more gum, rather than less.

Lip Flip Considerations

Lip Flips, like any cosmetic treatment, should be considered in comparison with other treatments based on the desired results you want to achieve. If it is a full lip, you are after then dermal fillers should be investigated too – and are likely the best choice. If a Lip Flip is ‘on the table’ to relax the top lip and show less gum, then Botox™ treatment for a gummy smile should also be considered.

Lip Flip Complications

Lip Flip complications are rare and are the same as with any Botox™ treatment. The top lip muscle may over-relax, for instance. Which could make puckering the lips or speaking difficult. Some redness or light swelling may also be apparent post treatment. At Aesthetics Life your clinician will go over all post treatment care, and possible side effects of a Lip Flip – or any aesthetic treatment.

If you would like to discuss Lip Flip treatment, please call us on 01438 300 111 for a FREE consultation with a clinician.

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