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There are so many lip filler techniques on the aesthetics market today, that as a consumer it can be borderline impossible to choose which technique will be best for you. Russian Lips for example is a trend that many are searching for on Google. However, did you know the Russian Lips Technique is actually at a higher risk of complications than many of the other lip filler techniques out there? Let’s explore the Russian Lip Filler trend…

Russian Lips – The Trend

The Russian Lips trend was originally based on the Russian Nesting Dolls, whose painted lips were depicted as a full, pouty, heart shape. Russian lips have a flatter, but higher appearance, with defined sharp borders for added definition. Russian lips are all over social networking sites, so it’s very likely you have heard of this trend. However, are Russian lips the best, safest technique on the market and do they last?

Russian Lips – The Technique?

Many users of the Russian lips trend have it as they think it avoids any filler migration (filler sitting outside of the lips). However, this is simply not the case. There is always some risk of filler migration with any lip filler treatment. An experienced clinician administering filler will make the chance of this very minimal, but with any filler treatment this is always a possibility.

The Russian lips procedure itself takes longer and is performed rather differently to our usual lip filler technique. The centre of the lips is where the tiny droplets of filler are focused, to achieve that desired heart shape. The dermal filler is administered in vertical lines of insertion, using a needle, rather than the traditional horizontal. Russian lips are bigger in height than volume, and so often more dermal filler product is required to achieve the look. Due to the increase in product used, it means treatment times increase.

Russian Lips – Complications

Although Russian lips look beautiful, they come with many more potential complications. Initially if you have had lip filler before, that wasn’t the Russian technique, then all remaining filler will have to be dissolved to ‘start fresh.’ This is due to how the filler is administered and it being done vertically rather than horizontally.

To achieve the plump height of Russian lips, multiple injections take place – more injections than the ‘standard’ lip filler technique. As there are more injections, there is larger chance of vascular occlusion – this when dermal filler gel particles partially or fully compress a blood vessel, compromising the blood flow to the skin in that area.

The Russian lips technique also heightens the chance of a ‘ridge’ in the lips. This is due to the vertical positioning and the fact much of the filler is being administered is into the body of the lip. A ridge of filler is always more of a possibility with this lip filler technique.

We mentioned in the beginning that many people think there is no risk of filler migration with this lip filler technique. That is actually completely false! There is in fact more chance of the filler moving outside of the lip with the Russian Lips technique. This again is due to the vertical placement of the filler, vs horizontal. It is much easier to accidentally continue to push the filler out of the needle whilst withdrawing the needle when it is placed vertically, by a less experienced aesthetician.

Lastly, post treatment downtime takes much longer.  This is due to the level of swelling and bruising experienced – when compared to the traditional lip filler technique.

Russian Lips: Yes, or No?

So, after all of this should Russian Lips be a sought-after treatment? Well, it is completely down to the individual’s wishes. As long as you are aware there is more complications associated with this type of filler treatment and expect that you may be in for a longer healing time – up to six weeks (up from the normal two weeks with the standard filler technique) then you are welcome to opt for this technique.

At Aesthetics Life we recommend the more tried and tested usual lip filler technique – due to the various reasons we discuss above. However, we will administer the Russian Lip filler technique if a patient specifically requests this and is fully aware of the risks involved, and we feel they would be a good candidate for this procedure. We try to limit any potential complications by using premium ‘softer’ filler, than some on the market, to minimise the chance of vascular occlusion. We also opt to use less of the dermal filler, whilst still providing the bold heart shape desired. This lessens the chances of ridges and filler migration.

So, yes opt for Russian Lips – if you have done your homework and have a very strong preference for this look. With all injectable treatments we always strongly recommend you seek out a medical professional to carry out the procedure, but this becomes even more paramount with advanced techniques like Russian lips, where there is a greater chance of complications. After all, who would want to take a gamble on their lips?!

If you would like to discuss lip filler treatment, please call us on 01438 300 111 for a FREE consultation with a clinician.

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