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Botox® is used as an anti-wrinkle treatment, and to treat conditions where the muscles in that area need to be relaxed – such as the jaw to help reduce teeth grinding.

Botox®, when administered correctly by a medical professional, can have fantastic long-lasting results for the patient.

Botox® treatments last 3-4 months, depending on the individual. Therefore, on average you would be looking at 3-4 treatments a year to maintain the results achieved.

What affects how long Botox® lasts?

The reason we say how long Botox® lasts depends on the individual, is for a variety of reasons. Botox® is not a permanent treatment. It works in a bell curve. It takes up to two-weeks for the full affect to take hold. Some people may need a top up at two weeks if the full results have not been realised from the initial treatment. A top up involves injecting a small amount of Botox® in the area required. It is not a full treatment like the initial one. For example, if someone has strong frown muscles then potentially they may need a top up in that area, but won’t necessarily need it for their crow’s feet around the eyes.

Therefore, how strong the movement is in the muscles treated is the first aspect which can affect how long Botox® lasts. Facial movements by nature are repetitive. However, there are ways to lessen these repetitive movements, which in turn can prolong the treatment. For example, squinting on a sunny day. Wearing sunglasses on bright days can combat the frequency of this movement and therefore help to prolong crow’s feet Botox® treatment. Another example is those that regularly weight train. You will often grimace when lifting weights, so those with hobbies of this nature would expect their Botox® treatment to not last as long.

Another factor is how quickly someone breaks down the product. As we said above, repetitive movements break down the product quicker. But also, how quickly the product is metabolised depends on the individual. Some people have faster metabolisms than others. Those people may see their Botox® treatment not last quite as long as another person.

Lastly, the product used can make all the difference. A cheap anti-wrinkle price is often a cause for concern. If the treatment is that cheap, then the product used is very likely to be inferior and not have the staying power of the bigger brands. So, whilst £75 Botox® may sound like a great deal, the value is actually likely to be very bad, with repeat visits needed far more often. Therefore, not good value in the long run.

If you have any queries on Botox® treatment or how long it lasts, call the team on 10438 300 111.

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