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Once Lip Filler treatment has been administered, Lip Fillers typically last around 6-months.

There are a variety of factors which could affect the Lip Filler longevity.

What affects Lip Fillers lasting?

How long Lip Filler lasts, often depends on the individual. Some people’s bodies will metabolise the filler quicker than other peoples.

Lip Filler is made with man-made hyaluronic acid (which is a substance our bodies produce naturally, but we produce less of as we age). This hyaluronic acid-based product is broken down and absorbed by the body over time and so regular Lip Filler treatments of 2-3 times a year are recommended to keep the volume or shape which is desired. How quickly they go do down depends on the person’s metabolism.

Other factors which could decrease Lip Fillers long life is medication. If you have Lip Fillers but take steroids (for example) then this medication will affect the permanence of the Fillers and they will not last as long.

Scroll down for our top tips to prolong your Lip Filler.

Why do Lip Fillers sometimes appear as though they don’t last as long?

Now this is a scene we are very familiar with. We often get patients asking why their lips have ‘gone down’ after 2-weeks. First of all, let us reassure you, this is completely normal! In the first couple of weeks after your Lip Filler treatment you will be getting used to your new, improved lips. However, some of the added volume you will be seeing is actually swelling from the treatment. This doesn’t affect every patient, but those affected will need to allow 1-2 weeks to dissipate. Once the swelling has gone, we often have patients thinking their treatment is already starting to go down, rest assured this is not the case. It’s simply that after looking at your new plumped lips for the last 2-weeks you have got used to the swelling too.

How to ensure your Lip Fillers last

There are a number of ways to prolong your Lip Filler treatment. Here are our top tips from the medical professionals at Aesthetics Life…

  • Follow your aftercare advice
  • Wear SPF everyday – yes even on cloudy days
  • Reduce stress. Stress actually speeds up your body breaking down the Filler.
  • Eat healthily. Fatty processed foods can result in inflammation, and yep, you’ve guessed it – break down your Lip Fillers quicker.
  • Don’t over exercise. Exercising, whilst of course being beneficial to your physical and mental health, can sadly also speed up the metabolism and with it break down Lip Filler more quickly. If you lead a very active lifestyle, then be prepared to have your Lip Filler treatments more often.

Pro Tip: ask your clinician about the Lip Filler brand used. Did you know there are many different Lip Filler brands on the market? Some cheaper ones just don’t have the staying power, and whilst they may appear like you are getting a good deal, in the long run you will end up paying more as you will need much more regular treatments. Not all Lip Fillers are created equal!

Follow these top tips to make your Lip Filler treatment last longer. For more information on Lip Filler treatment click here.

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