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1. Cucumbers on the eyes. Although they may feel refreshing unfortunately they do not contain any special ingredients to penetrate the skin and reduce puffiness. The high water content may decrease slight swelling but there are other more effective ingredients on the market that will also repair and strengthen the delicate tissue.

2. Foaming cleansers work better. Sodium lauryl sulphate is the foaming agent found in the majority of foaming cleansers and although this gives the impression of working more effectively it can actually cause harm. This ingredient is also found in a lot of detergents and floor cleaners. This is probably more common in your cheaper high street brands but always check the ingredient list on the bottle.

3. Sun cream in summer. The suns UV rays are present all year round with an amazing 30% still penetrating through the clouds on a really over cast day. UV rays are responsible for skin aging, pigmentation and cancer. With most creams and makeup now containing a SPF (sun protection factor) there really is no excuse for not protecting your skin.

4. Strip oily skin of its oil. All skin needs moisture, and natural oils are the most important. If you strip the skin of its oil it will react by working harder to produce more. Controlling the production is the key. Find its trigger, stress, diet, pollution, hormones and other irritants will increase this production. Then find a good health skin care programme to control the oil rather than prevent it.
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