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Dr. Harry Singh explains how axillary hyperhidrosis or excessive underarm sweating can be controlled with Botox

If you are troubled by extra or excessive underarm sweating, all year round, then you may have a condition called hyperhidrosis. This is the medical name used to describe a situation whereby someone sweats more than their body really needs to, to regulate heat, and this is most noticeable in the underarms or axilla. Some people also suffer from chronic sweating of their brow, feet and even sweaty palms on their hands. All sorts of treatments are available for the different types of hyperhidrosis, but at his clinic in Hertfordshire, Dr. Singh specialises in consulting with patients who think that they might have a problem with axillary hyperhidrosis – excessive underarm sweating.

Of course, there are different levels of axillary hyperhidrosis, and it affects different people in differing ways. For some, they just don’t like to sweat too much, hate the feeling of underarm wetness, the stains it leaves on their clothes, and this becomes more of a cosmetic concern. For others, this is a socially limiting condition which has a significant affect on their daily working and social lives, with constant use of deodorants, regular changes of clothing and anxiety in social situations where their sweating may become apparent through body odour or sweat marks on clothing.

But there is a solution for both types of people, and this is something that you can discuss with Dr. Singh during a face-to-face consultation with him in clinic. He can treat excessive underarm sweating with botulinum toxin or Botox® injections.

If you are diagnosed as being hyperhidrotic then botulinum toxin can be used to block the signals from the nerves in the armpit to the sweat glands, called eccrine glands. This means that by stopping this communication for between 3 and 9 months, depending on the individual, we can prevent the eccrine glands from producing sweat. During this period there will be reduced wetness and almost no need for anti-perspirants. Over time the effect of the botulinum toxin does where off, this is not a permanent cure, so repeat injections are needed to maintain the relief from excessive sweating.

Hyperhidrosis can affect both men and women in equal measure; it is estimated to affect around 3% of the worldwide population, often starting after puberty or in adolescence. During your consultation you will be able to discuss just how much it effects your life and whether botulinum toxin injections are the right solution for you.

During your assessment and eventual treatment, Dr Singh will review how profusely you sweat, and exactly where the sweating is more acutely located. This will become the target area for the delivery of the tiny injections of small doses of toxin to the sweat glands. It takes from 48 hours to about a week to start to work and reduce the production of sweat to a more comfortable level. Some people stop sweating completely. The length of time that it lasts will vary but you should expect to return for repeat treatments a couple of times a year.

It can be a truly life saving option for many people, giving them back freedom to wear the clothes they want, reduce their reliance on multiple deodorants or specialised antiperspirant products and enjoy social interactions without the fear of sweating.

If you want to discuss excessive sweating and how it affects you, then please call 0800 006 2266 to book and appointment to see Dr. Harry Singh at Aesthetics in Stevenage, Hertfordshire

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