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Does Bum Filler last?

This is a question we are starting to hear often now that we offer Bum Fillers.

Firstly, let’s explore how Bum Filler works…

The word ‘Filler’ is a little misleading here. Yes, it is a type of Filler, however it doesn’t work the way traditional Dermal Fillers work. Fillers used for the lips for example, have different ingredients and are a different consistency. These work to plump the area they are injected into, immediately. Bum Fillers work by stimulating your own natural collagen in the area. Bum Filler is therefore a much more natural approach to Dermal Fillers.

Bum Fillers stimulates the collagen, and this takes a little time to see the effects. Results are seen at around the four-week mark. Depending on the individual and the results desired, more than one treatment may be required. However, for some patients one treatment will be enough.

As well as stimulating the production of your own natural collagen, Bum Filler reshapes and contours the bottom.

So, how long do Bum Fillers last?

As Bum Fillers stimulate your natural collagen, they are very long lasting. To maintain the results or to boost them after the initial treatment(s), yearly filler treatments can be administered. On average Bum Fillers last two-three years.

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