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Causes of Thin Lips

As we age our faces change. We lose volume and elasticity, causing fine lines and wrinkles and hollow areas in the face which used to be plump and youthful. However, did you also know that we lose volume in the lips as we age too? As we grow older our lips slowly become thinner over time due to the loss of the fat pads. Knowing what causes thinning lips can help you to hold onto your pout for years to come and if you need a helping hand then the Aesthetics Life team are on hand.

It is likely that individuals who naturally have thin lips, will notice the volume loss the most as they age.

Top tips to combat Thin Lips

Although you cannot stop your lips thinning as you grow older, there are some top tips we can give you to ensure they stay as plump as possible for as long as possible.

Hydrate. Regularly applying moisturising lip balms and gently exfoliating your lips to remove dead skin cells can help to keep them at top condition. Drinking plenty of water daily can also help to keep the body and skin hydrated and keep skin plump and youthful.

Puckering. Try to reduce how much you pucker your lips. Things like drinking through a straw, pouting in selfies and smoking can increase natural collagen loss.

Steer clear of plumping devices. Using off the shelf plumping devices, or even (dare we say it) sticking your lips into a water bottle do not help to plump your lips. Again, they can have the opposite effect in the long term, reducing the natural collagen.

Treatments for Thin Lips

It can also be a hyaluronic acid-based treatment, will help to plump lips. Lip filler can be used to address the thinning lips or naturally thin lips to increase their volume. Lip filler can also be used to define the lips borders, making them bolder.

Talk to your Aesthetics Life clinician about thin lips or volume loss if you would like to enhance this area.

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