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When people think about anti-ageing treatments the face is generally the main focal point.

However, did you know the neck experiences a similar ageing process to the face? The neck develops lines, wrinkles, pigmentation changes and individuals can experience issues such as neck bands or turkey neck.

What are neck bands?

Neck bands are ‘strings’ that run from below the chin to the collar bone. They are most visible when these muscles are contracted, through certain facial movements and strain. Many people do not like the look of these neck bands and want to reduce their prominence.

What causes neck bands?

Neck bands are caused by continuous contractions in the muscles of the neck, particularly the platysma muscles. Platysmal (neck) bands can be caused from a multitude of things, such as stress and strain. Exercise is often a culprit for these neck bands becoming more pronounced. Weight training makes the body strain and often gives these muscles a workout. The more the platysma muscles workout, the stronger they become and therefore the more obvious they become when we make certain expressions.

The problem with neck bands is that they can become so strong that they start to pull down the face itself. This means that the skin around the jaw pulls down with them. Try looking in a mirror when you do weight training (for example) to see how pronounced your neck bands are becoming. This will help you identify if there are certain exercises you are doing that increases their strength, allowing you to rest and stop the strain before picking the weights back up.

Think of the neck bands as a pulley at the gym – when you pull one end the other goes up. When you lift weights with your arms, the platysma muscles pull up to support the weight. However, the muscles in your face which are attached to them, pull down.

Treatments for neck bands

If you have strong neck bands then fear not, at Aesthetics Life we can help you to reduce their appearance.

Simply put, Botox® will help you to reduce neck bands appearance. Botox® relaxes the platysmal bands, so when the lower area tightens the top area will remain relaxed and stop pulling the face down.

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