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What are Jowls?

The majority of people will develop Jowls as they age. Jowls is the term used to describe the lose skin that forms below the jaw or cheeks. It is caused by the diminishing elasticity of the skin as we age. Individuals with more collagen in their skin, or with plumper faces may not develop Jowls. Weight loss, sun damage and looking down at a phone or laptop screen for large portions of the day are all contributing factors for the development of Jowls. Luckily, Aesthetics Life is on hand to help.

See also fine lines and wrinkles and décolletage.

Treatments for Jowls

We offer non-invasive ‘jowl lifts’ using a variation of different products and techniques. Please talk to your clinician about the best options for you personally to achieve the jowl lift look you want.

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