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Are you concerned with Hollow Cheeks or volume loss in the face?

Volume loss in the cheeks and under the eyes are typical results of the ageing process.

Well-defined cheek bones and the plump pockets of fat which sit above them are a key facial structure and an important element of what can make a face look attractive. This area represents a point of beauty in a woman and defines a strong face in a man. As we age, we lose both elasticity in our skin and fat or volume from the face, leading to a less-balanced, less-youthful, and undefined facial profile; meaning cheeks can appear hollow.

This volume loss leads to a loss of cheek fullness and goes in the direction of gravity to create a sagging jawline and an overall dower look. Augmenting or enhancing the cheeks, in both men and women, can put back the lost volume, instantly raising the face and bringing back a more youthful look. We can achieve this using dermal fillers which create a more natural improvement in the face than traditional solutions of the past such as surgically placed cheek implants.

Treatments for Hollow Cheeks

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