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What is a Downturned Mouth?

A Downturned Mouth is exactly how it sounds. It is when the corners of the mouth direct downwards when in a resting position.

The Depressor Anguli Oris (DAO) muscles are the muscles attached to the edges of your lips, and they produce the jowls of the face. They’re produced from overactivity over time, even when you’re not moving your mouth or lips, the corners of your mouth have a tendency to point downwards, resulting in marionette lines and an unhappy looking appearance.

Botox® for a Downturned Mouth

In this case, it can be used to treat a Downturned Mouth. Botox® is placed into the DAO muscle to relax it and to reduce it pulling the corners of the mouth down. Botox® treatment can also help to even out a crooked smile, if one corner of the mouth does not rise evenly.

Once the Downturned Mouth has been treated with Botox® the results with be noticeable within 2 weeks of treatment. Results of treatment generally last 4-6 months or even longer, depending on the individual.

Also read DAO Botox® treatment.

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