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What causes dark circles under eyes?

Dark circles around or under the eyes are common in both men and women. Often accompanied by bags under the eyes they can contribute to the appearance of premature ageing.

Dark circles under eyes are more common for some individuals. Some people have a predisposition to this in their genetic code (also see our page on hyperpigmentation). Dark areas can sometimes be more visible in older patients or those from a non-white ethnic background.

Fatigue can play a role in these dark patches too. However, these are normally short lived and reduce with adequate rest. The opposite can also be true; too much sleep can produce similar darker areas.

Straining of the eyes at computer screens can cause the blood vessels below the eye to become enlarged, causing the skin to appear with dark circles under the eyes.

Allergies can also be a culprit in causing dark circles under the eyes. Itchy and watery eyes can cause people to rub the area which in turn, can damage the blood vessels below. Dehydration can also cause the eyes to appear sunken and shadows to appear. Excessive sun exposure can change the pigmentation of the skin, producing darker areas.

Luckily, Aesthetics Life are on hand with several options of treatments for under eye dark circles. These can help to reduce the darkness of these areas.

Treatments for under eye dark circles

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