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What is a Bump on the nose?

Some people have Bumps on the bride of their nose. Whilst they do nothing harmful to the individual, some people do not like that their nose is not straight. These individuals often consider surgery, such as a Rhinoplasty to overcome this problem area. However, like with any cosmetic surgery, there are always risks involved, recovery time needed and it will cost a considerable amount.

Nonsurgical nose job

Did you know that at Aesthetics Life we offer a Non-surgical nose job? Dermal fillers can be injected into the bridge of the nose, either side of the Bump on the nose. This non-surgical nose job creates a smoothing effect as the bump ‘disappears’ before the eyes.

This simple, but effective treatment provides a subtle enhancement to the nose but can have amazing results for the patient. The individuals front and side profile will be more balanced, and bump free! This is a great confidence boost for those that are looking to smooth out any nose bumps.

The Non-surgical nose job is painless, requiring no downtime after the treatment and not to mention much cheaper than its surgical counterpart.

For more information on this treatment see our Liquid nose job page.

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