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We have many patients that are slightly nervous when they are undergoing the botox treatment for the first time. They maybe slightly needle phobic or seen on TV, famous celebrities scream when undergoing the botox treatment.

It is like anything new you are going to try for the first time, you are unsure what you will feel, will it hurt, will it go wrong or look false.

I have treated over 1000 cases in botox hertfordshire and nearly every single patient as commented that it was no way as bad or as painful as they thought it was going to be. And as these patients become repeat patients they take it in their stride and don’t give a second thought about the procedure.

No one likes being injected, however with botox there are a couple of things we can do, that will make the procedure as comfortable as possible.

One is we use very small diabetic needles to administer the botox. In addition we will use a new needle per area we are injecting. The sharper the needle the less you will feel, it is similar to bursting a balloon with a sharp needle compared to a blunt needle.

I also pinch the area I am injecting, I want the skin to be as tort as possible and this will make the procedure much more comfortable.

I can also apply some numbing cream to the area or even ice prior to injecting, this will again minimise the discomfort you may feel.

In summary, most patients feel very little during the procedure and find the whole experience comfortable.

For more information on how botox hertfordshire can help you, call me on 0800 006 2266.

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