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106 High StreetStevenage,SG1 3DW

Dr Singh carries out botox in hertfordshire from his clinic in stevenage. He has been carrying out botox procedures since 2002.


Below he answers a common question that patients ask before they decide on having the botox treatment.


This is- will I always need to use botox?


This is a hard one to answer and there is no definite answer either way. I would say yes, to get the best results from botox it is considered to be an ongoing treatment rather than a one off miracle cure. However saying this I have seen in some patients, the more they have the botox, the effects of it seem to much longer. This does not imply that the botox is in your system for longer. What happens is that the more you have botox, over this period of time you unlearn to use certain facial expressions. So you can to a stage when the botox has worn off and you have stopped using those muscles excessively, and thats when the lines don’t return. A word of warning, this does not happen with everyone, I have had some patients that have seen me for over 5 years, and still comes every few months for their botox treatment.


On a separate note, there are other treatment options we would recommend to get the best results out of your botox treatment. One critical thing is sun protection and looking after your skin. Certain lines are caused by over exposure to sun, which makes the skin thinner. Wearing adequate sun protection can delay the onset of certain lines. The way I see it is the botox is the miracle, instant cure, but skin protection is the long term, foundation of your appearance.


To see if botox hertfordshire in stevenage can help you, call us on 0800 006 2266.

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