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Dr Singh who runs his botox clinic from Stevenage in Hertfordshire talks about when we would not carry out botox treatments.


We know the safety of botox, however there is nothing wrong with being cautious and in certain situations and we would advise not to have the botox procedure.


We would not carry out botox in anyone under the age of 18. It is very rare that you would need the treatment at this stage anyway. However we want to make sure all the muscles and facial structures have stopped maturing so we can work on stable base.


If you are pregnant or breast feeding then we would not carry out botox injections on you. In theory there is a small chance that the botox may enter your bloodstream and effect other parts of your body.


If you are allergic to eggs, you would not be able to have botox. There is a similar protein in eggs that occurs in the botox.


If you suffer from any neurological disorders, like multiple sclerosis then you woudl not be able to undertake botox procedures. As botox inhibits the nerve supply to the muscle, we would not want to interfere with this process in neurological disorders.


Don’t despair, you may fall into one of these groups, and unfortunately not be able to have botox, but there are alternatives available. We can offer skin regeneration procedures, such as dermaroller which can improve the appearance of fine lines. Yu can also consider skin transformational products such as the Obagi skin range to improve your skins complexion and the appearance of your fine lines.


For more information about botox hertfordshire in Stevenage, call us on 0800 006 2266.

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