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Many of our patients that visit us at botox in hertfordshire enquire on what to do immediately after the botox.

There are a couple of guidelines to follow immediately after the treatment, such as:

– drink plenty of water in the next 24hours. As a guide, I recommend 2litres of water. The reason we recommend this, is that botox can dehydrate the body and if you don’t replenish this with water, there is a chance you may suffer from headaches.

– no exercise for 24hours. You don’t want to subject yourself to any vigorous head movements, that potentially could spread the botox.

– no helmets for 24hrs. So if your a cyclist or police officer, then you need to plan accordingly. There is a a chance that the hard helmet could compress the injected areas and either spread the botox or reduce its effects.

– no lying down for 3-4 hours. Same again this my either spread the botox or the compression could reduce the effects of botox.

– alcohol, you can consume alcohol within 2hrs of the botox procedure, but drink plenty of water with this, as you may dehydrate the body and cause headaches

– you can apply make up and wash the face straight away, as long as you apply light pressure

– no facials or head massages for a couple of days after the botox procedure – you don’t want to spread or reduce the effects of the botox

– no sun beds for 1 week. We advise against sun beds anyway as this can damage your skin.

Thats about it, so in genial, you need to be careful for the first 24hrs and thereafter you can resume normal day activities.

To see if we can help from our clinic in Stevenage, please call us on 0800 006 2266 for botox in hertfordshire.

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