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We have many patients that see us for botox in hertfordshire that are concerned that if they decide for whatever reason to stop undergoing anti wrinkle injections what would they look like.

For starters it is very rare for a patient to decide to stop having the treatment. Because the results are so good and natural looking, it does sort of become addicted. The main reason why anyone would stop would be based on finances and not the procedure itself.

If you do decide to stop, then you would go back to what you would have been if you had not had any botox treatment. You would not be any worse off that if you had never had the treatment.

For some patients they think they look worse than if they had not had the treatment. This is due to the reason that you have been used to a smooth wrinkle free skin and your eyes have gotten used to this. When you stop the treatment, obviously the lines will reappear and you think you look worse now.

To avoid this, we would recommend when you see you Doctor for the botox, they can give you a rough idea for the yearly costs and this will allow you to budget accordingly.

For more information on botox in hertfordshire call us on 0800 006 2266.

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