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Dr Singh who runs his botox clinic in Stevenage, Hertfordshire, in his latest blog details the aging process.


What changes occur in our face as we age. Once we know the process of aging we know what treatments and procedures we will need at different stages of the aging process, whether this be fillers, botox injections.


There are certain external factors that contribute to premature aging, such as over exposure of sun, stress, smoking, lifestyle, nutrition. There are also genetic pre dispositions that can effect how quickly you age.


In this article I will concentrate on the structural changes that occur when we age, and most commonly these will relate to; loss of collagen, bone changes and fat reduction.


Lets start of with the loss of collagen. This is a natural process that occurs with aging. More importantly it is the loss of elastin that marks out the signs of aging. In babies there is an enormous amount of elastin giving the skin its soft and flexible nature. As this elastin loss occurs, the skin looks thinner. This can be noticeable especially in the lips and eye areas.


Coming onto bone changes now. Over time the bone in the face will loose thickness and density. In some areas of the face, such as the jaw bone do not change but most notbable it is under the eye that the biggest changes in bone loss occur. This is critical to understand, so it can be readdressed with the correct procedure.


With fat reduction the face will appear older. We dont loose fat evenly on our face, some areas loosing it much quicker than others.


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