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Dr Singh runs his aesthetics clinic in Stevenage, Hertfordshire and has been carrying out botox for over a decade.


Here he discusses common myths that people may have about botox.



Myth No.1: BOTOX injections distort your facial expressions.


We all remember cases in the public eye that have gone wrong and look false. With careful injection techniques, you should not experience this. We can give you a natural look where you can still move all your facial muscles.



Myth No. 2: BOTOX injections are toxic to the body.


BOTOX is a purified protein derived from the botulinum toxin. The botulinum toxin lives in poorly preserved foods, including canned meats. The safety of BOTOX is ensured by its pinpoint administration into a certain muscle or a group of muscles. Because the concentration of the toxin is very low, a BOTOX injection is simply incapable of spreading its effects outside the given area.


Myth No. 3: Patients often develop an “addiction” to BOTOX injections.


Indirectly you can do. That is only because the results are so good, many patients want to maintain this look. However, in a chemical sense you cannot get addicted to Botox®.



Myth No. 4: BOTOX injections induce a stressful experience for the muscles.


In reality, BOTOX does the exact opposite, when a BOTOX injection is administered, it allows the muscles to relax for a period of time.



Myth No. 5: BOTOX injections are painful, and have unpleasant sensations.


Definitely not. The injections are very tiny and normally placed quite superficially. The procedure is one of the most comfortable you can have.



Myth No. 6: You should wait until you are 30- something to get a BOTOX injection.


There is no guiding age to start having botox. We would say the minimum age to be 18. But where you have excessive lines due to the contraction of the muscle and these make you unhappy or look older than you are, then botox will produce the desired result you wish for.



Myth No. 7: BOTOX injections are only effective for facial lines.


Initially it was used for around the eye region. As we progress and learn about how botox works, then we can treat different areas of the face, especially the lower face.



Myth No. 8 “BOTOX will poison my body”


We know that botox, like other drugs in low dose are therapeutic and in excessive doses are dangerous to our bodies.


Myth No. 9:  BOTOX is a dangerous toxin.


BOTOX has a great safety record. BOTOX is also an effective treatment for a variety of other medical disorders including migraine headaches, back pain, spastic limbs due to stroke, cerebral palsy and excessive underarm sweating.


Myth No. 10: Well, what about “Better than BOTOX,” the magical cream?


Creams wont be able to penetrate deep enough to reduce or eliminate the lines caused by the muscles contracting. The creams normally hydrate your skin, so slightly plumping it up, which gives the appearance of reducing the lines.


For more information regarding hertfordshire botox, call him on 0800 006 2266.

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