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Dr Singh who runs aesthetics, a botox clinic in Stevenage, Hertfordshire, shares his expertise and knowledge on how to make the effects of your botox treatment last.


It is widely agreed that the more you have botox the longer its results will last. This should not be confused with that the botox stays in the system for longer. It is similar to when you break your arm. Lets say it is placed in a cast for 3 months, your muscles will have very little activity – similar to the effects that botox has. Once the cast has been removed, you will be able to move your arm, but the muscles wont be as strong as they were before you broke your arm. Now lets say you have another acst for 3 months – like you have your regular botox treatments. Now the muscles are going to get weaker but the starting point if from weakness and not strength.


This is particularly relevant in the frown muscle. As I have been carrying out botox for several years, I see my patients regularly. I have noticed continual botox injections in the frown area, in some patients will reduce this movement permanently. I have never seen no movement at all, you will always have some movement and contraction of the muscle.


Timing is critical. If you wait for the effects of botox to completely wear off, before your next treatment, then repeated injections over time will not make the treatment last longer. However if you have your regular botox injections prior to the previous treatment wearing off, then you are more likely to develop long term weakness of the muscles.


You may ask, will I develop resistance to the botox with these repeated injections over time. I personally feel and in my experience, due to the relative small doses we use, I have not seen patients becoming resistant to the effects of botox over time.


In summary, regular botox injections before the effects have worn off, seem to be the most favourable in achieving our long term goals.




Please visit us at botox hertfordshire or alternatively call us on 0800 006 2266. Dr Singh carries out botox from his clinic in Stevenage, Hertfordshire.

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