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Dr Singh who runs his botox clinic in Stevenage, Hertfordshire, in his latest blog dismisses the media view that botox is a poison.


I have many patients comment and ask me if botox is a poison. I can understand their concerns when they read such sensational news about botox in the press.


Could you administer botox in someones drink and kill them. In theory you could. But you would need so much botox that the costs to carry out such a task may out you off!


When I explain this to my patients I compare botox to aspirin. Like botox, aspirin has a very basic action (stops blood from clotting). There has been evidence that 1 aspirin a day may be good for you. However if you took the whole bottle, then you amy not wake up. So like, botox, a little is good for you and a lot os not.


Botox® has been used for many years and has been shown to be completely safe in millions of patients. For cosmetic purposes we are using extremely small doses.


With this in mind, botox is a toxin derived from bacteria. So we are careful on what doses we give patients, but to reach a dose that could potentially be harmful, would be way over what is normally prescribed to reduce or remove lines and wrinkles.


I am completely happy and satisfied that botox will not cause you harm and to prove this, I am too a regular use of botox!


For more information about botox hertfordshire, please call us on 0800 006 2266.



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