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Dr Singh who runs his botox clinic in Stevenage, Hertfordshire, in his latest blog talks about the ageing process through the decades and how botox can help.

20-30 years

Problem – Fat begins to disappear under the eyes, dark shadows cause us to look older and tired than we really are.

Solution – Dermal fillers to lower eye area.

Problem – Collagen levels start to fall resulting in crows feet and frown lines.

Solution – Botox® to frown lines and around eye area. Retinol or VItamin C.

30-40 years

Problem – malar fat pad descent begins. Naso Labial lines appear. Wrinkles and jowls in the face.

Solution -Dermal fillers to Naso Labial lines

Problem – collagen and elastin levels continue to fall resulting in edge of brow drooping. Extension of Naso Labial folds. Lips begin to thin. Glabellar and forehand wrinkles begin to appear.

Solution – botox to most of upper face and to elevate eyebrows. Dermal fillers to enhance lips and Naso Labial lines to hold malar fat pad in place.

40-50 years

Problem – cheek begins to flatten, malar fat pad descent becomes more obvious. Naso Labial lines deepen. Facial fat atrophy becomes evident with concavity of the surface contour in the temple area and cheeks appearing. Eyes may become sunken as a result of fat atrophy.

Solution – Dermal Fillers to central face to hold malar fat pad in place and achieve volumerisation

Problem – collagen and elastin levels continue to fall resulting in eye lid bags and lines appear in upper and lower lips. Forehead wrinkles deepen. Gravity and the pull of muscles cause drooping or sagging of the skin and deeper structures from areas of deeper attachment.

Solution – Dermal fillers to upper lip, botox to upper face

Problem – chin area continue to enlarge, eye sockets begin to widen.

50-60 years

Problem – menopausal effects, fat hangs in saggy skin, Naso Labial lines, Marionette lines and jowls more obvious. Double chin and turkey neck appear.

Advanced botox procedures can help to minimise these effects in combination with other treatments.

Problem – bony density gets less due to reduced growth hormone and estrogen levels

For more information about botox hertfordshire, please call us on 0800 006 2266.

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