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Dr Singh who runs his botox clinic in Stevenage, Hertfordshire, in his latest blog talks about botox and the various dilutions we can use.


Botox® is presented to a clinician in a powder form. To make the botox active it is mixed with saline. The amount of saline used (dilution) will cause different results.


The more concentrated the botox (the less saline used), the less the botox will spread when injected. This is vitally important for areas such as smokers lines and corners of the mouth. In these areas you don’t want the botox to spread into neighbouring muscles and cause unwanted side effects.


Compare this to large areas such as the underarms for hyperhidrosis. In these cases you want the botox to spread due to the large area being injected. You want to minmise the number of botox injections given, so you would have a more diluted version of the botox.


In summary, when looking at the botox you have, as well as looking at the number of botox units used you need to appreciate the dilution of that particular botox.



For more information about botox hertfordshire, please call us on 0800 006 2266.

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