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Dr Harry Singh explains how Azzalure™, botulinum toxin injections, can be used to relax the muscle in the chin which leads to dimple and wrinkle formation.

The chin is an important area of the face. As well as adding balance to the overall facial profile, achieving markers of beauty and masculinity, it is also involved in the movement and facial expressions made with the mouth area. The chin itself is controlled by one big muscle called mentalis.

If you try to tighten the area by clenching your chin muscles and pushing out your bottom lip, you will be able to feel the effects of mentalis as the area becomes more solid to the touch and has both a dimpled appearance and feel, much like the outside of a ‘golf ball’.

In some people the mentalis muscle can become hyperactive, or overused, and this can lead to the dimples or wrinkles generated from its dymanic action being visible all the time, even at rest, when they are not tightening the chin. Having visible depressions, roughened skin or deep creases in the chin can make a person look sad, doubtful, disdainful or maybe even angry, when they’re not, as these are all emotions where we use the chin to display such feelings. All of this can lead to self-consciousness.

One very unpleasant description for this appearance, which can affect both men and women is ‘scrotal chin’, not very appealing I’m sure you will agree! Thankfully, as with treating other hyperactive facial muscles, such as those involved in teeth grinding or squinting, which can cause crow’s feet, modern cosmetic medicine has a solution – botulinum toxin injections.

I have been practicing facial aesthetics since 2002 and at my clinic in Stevenage, Hertfordshire I prescribe and use the botulinum toxin brand called Azzalure™. Like other brands of botulinum toxin, including Botox®, Azzalure is a prescription only medicine which requires a face-to-face consultation to correctly diagnose and prescribe treatment.

Botulinum toxin injections are most commonly used and licenced as an anti-wrinkle treatment for reducing crow’s feet, frown lines and forehead lines, but the medicine also has many other cosmetic and medical applications to treat over-active or spasming muscles. This means that we can also use it to treat the muscle in the chin to weaken it slightly and reduce the appearance of dimples and wrinkles.

Treating the chin is an advanced technique and should not be done by inexperienced or under qualified practitioners. It is important that you seek out someone with adequate prescribing qualifications, training, experience and understanding of the underlying anatomy and botulinum toxin doses required. Incorrect treatment of this area could lead to over-weakening of the muscles, impacting on jaw movement, and in the worst case, inadvertently affecting your ability to chew properly, or even open and close your mouth.

As a dentist and facial aesthetic practitioner, you can be assured that I am fully qualified to diagnose and prescribe treatment for the chin and mentalis muscle and have a detailed knowledge when it comes to the anatomical structures involved in the mouth and jaw. This means that during a consultation I can advise you whether Azzalure is the right treatment for you based on the concerns that you have and your medical history. Combining other facial aesthetic treatments, such as dermal fillers, may also be an option, depending on the depth of creases around your chin and mouth.

Any treatment with botulinum toxin is not permanent, usually lasting 4 to 6 months before a repeat dose is required to maintain the correction.

If you think you have too many wrinkles or dimples on your chin, then make an appointment for a consultation with me, Dr Harry Singh at Aesthetics in Stevenage, Hertfordshire and we can discuss if botulinum toxin injections are the right thing for you. Please call us on 0800 006 2266.

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