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When your big day is edging ever closer, many brides and those in the wedding party start booking in their facials or other aesthetic treatments.

A question we are often asked is ‘what bridal facial do you recommend before the big day?’

What are the best facials for brides?

At Aesthetics Life we offer an array of facials and facial treatments for brides and grooms. Depending on the results wanted, we have some fantastic options.

If you are looking for a treatment to get rid of some pesky acne that has arisen before the big day or are looking for something to control any excess oil, then we recommend a course of chemical peels. Even a standalone chemical peel can work wonders to exfoliate the skin and serve as a fantastic shine reducer. If you are looking to book a chemical peel, then timings are important. We would not recommend booking a chemical peel treatment too close to your big day. This treatment can dry the skin out and naturally some flaky skin may appear for a short time post treatment (this does vary person to person). We would advise a chemical peel no more than 2 weeks before the big event.

Looking for a facial which is both exfoliating and hydrating with no downtime? Then our HydroPlus Facial is just what the doctor ordered! This ‘red carpet’ facial can be had the day before your big event or earlier. We use a specialist extracting machine which unclogs pores and cleanses them at a deeper level. Hydrating serums are then applied to the face to really give you that glow of fresh skin. This facial results in no downtime and no discomfort, but visibly clearer and glowing skin.

At Aesthetics Life we also offer an array of Medical-Grade facials perfect for every skin type.

What other treatments for brides do we recommend other than facials?

Dermaplaning can also be a great treatment before the big day. Dermaplaning involves a slim medical blade lightly exfoliating the top layer of skin, removing dead skin cells and vellus hairs. Your makeup will glide on so smoothly after this treatment! We do recommend having this treatment a couple of weeks before, as some patients experience some downtime due to flaky skin for a few days post treatment. This is not the case for everyone.

What about the injectables? As well as bridal facials being very popular, so are Anti-wrinkle treatments such as Botox® or skin boosters like Profhilo®. These rejuvenating treatments enable brides, grooms, and the wedding party to feel fresh before their big day. We recommend having injectable treatments of this nature at least 2 weeks before the event. Dermal Fillers, such as Lip Fillers, are also very popular before a wedding day. We recommend having Dermal Fillers (yep, you guessed it) at least 2 weeks before the big day, to enable any potential bruising or slight swelling to dissipate before.

If you would like anymore information on any of these treatments, or you would like to discuss treatment options before your own big day, please call us on 01438 300 111.

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