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Dr. Harry Singh explains how dermal filler products can be used to give you the cheek ‘bones’ you always dreamed of.

Well-defined cheek bones and the plump pockets of fat which sit above them are a key facial structure and an important element of what makes a face look beautiful. This area represents a point of beauty in a woman and defines a strong face in a man. As we age we lose both elasticity in our skin and fat or volume from the face, leading to a less-balanced, less-youthful and undefined facial profile.

This volume loss leads to a loss of cheek fullness and goes on to impact in the direction of gravity to create a sagging jawline and an overall dower look. Augmenting or enhancing the cheeks, in both men and women, can put back the lost volume, instantly raising the face and bringing back a more youthful look. We can achieve this using dermal fillers which create a more natural improvement in the face than traditional solutions of the past such as surgically placed cheek implants.

I use hyaluronic acid-based dermal filler products at my clinic in Stevenage, Hertfordshire. Specifically, I use different thickness dermal filler products from the Restylane range which has been clinically-proven for cosmetic use since the early 1990s. Restylane products have one of the longest records for safety and efficacy of any dermal filler brands.

So, what is hyaluronic acid? It is a natural component of our skin and we make it daily to aid hydration and keep our skin plump and young-looking. Hyaluronic acid is a natural sponge and it draws in water to an area of tissue. Unfortunately, as we age we produce less and less of our natural hyaluronic acid and this, along with the ageing processes in our skin and fatty layers, results in the loss of volume in our mid-face, or lower and upper cheeks.

Thanks to Restylane, we now have long-lasting, synthetic hyaluronic acid products which are made from non-animal sources and are safe to use in our skin to put back both volume and hydration, where needed. The placement of the hyaluronic acid gel will contour the cheekbone area to bring back that attractive facial profile, whilst also providing lift in the mid-face to correct minor sagging which presents in the jawline. Putting the structural support back into the cheeks with dermal fillers can achieve as significant anti-ageing result, rejuvenating the face.

Restylane comes in different formulations or ‘thicknesses’ so we can use it in different areas of the face, but also in layers within the skin tissue to achieve different structural support, for maximum benefit. It comes with lidocaine within the syringe, alongside the hyaluronic acid, so has a built in local anaesthetic to make injection more comfortable.

All Restylane products are temporary, so this is a far cry from permanent dermal fillers or implants, making the products much safer than past solutions. You can expect the results to last between 6 and 12 months, depending on the cheek correction required and which specific product we use to treat the area. The amount of correction needed to address the volume loss in the cheek will also determine the optimum number of syringes of Restylane that are needed to achieve the result that you are looking for. Over time your body will naturally metabolise the synthetic hyaluronic acid so long-lasting results can be achieved with regular maintenance treatments, here at Aesthetics clinic to top-up the correction.

If you want to discuss if dermal fillers are the right treatment for you, then please call 0800 006 2266 to book and appointment to see Dr. Harry Singh at Aesthetics in Stevenage, Hertfordshire.

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