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106 High StreetStevenage,SG1 3DW

aesthetics opened for business in November 2007. The time has flown by and we have achieved so much. We started with a vision and a business plan, however like life you can never predict the future. We have changed the plan to accommodate our patients wishes, desires and needs. No one could have predicted the economic downturn.

I regularly get asked if I would have still opened or changed anything if I knew what would have happened in the last 2 years. Without hesitation I would have not changed a thing. I knew the type of services I wanted to offer the expereince I wanted our patients to feel, hear and touch and this could only have been done by opening a new business and why wait for tomorrow.

Around 5 years ago when I was a trainer for recently qualified graduates, the young graduate commented that my business partner was inactive, he concluded he was reactive and that I was proactive. I never thought of this until he remarked and I have tried to live up to his understanding of my character ever since that period.

What will the 3rd year of business bring for aesthetics – we can plan and have goals (the proactive bit) but we must be reactive to what is going on around us and never be inactive and wait for things to happen.

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