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As we enter week five of lockdown life, many of us are starting to get back to exercising and trying to eat healthy again.

Whilst we ignore the call of the fridge, now is a great time to spend time making sure our daily skincare regime is also in place.

Step one: stimulate

The following group of products are designed to stimulate the collagen and elastin in the skin; promoting healthy, youthful-looking skin. They do this by renewing the epidermis layer, creating a significant improvement in the appearance and quality of your skin.

The products and order you should use are:

  1. Cleanse – there are many options of cleansers out there. Pick one that works for your skin. For example, tea tree oil-based cleansers work well for those with spot-prone skin.
  2. Tone – toning removes any excess residue, oil or makeup leftover after cleansing. Great to ensure clean pores.
  3. Eye creams – these are specially formulated for this specific area of the face. General face creams are too thick to stimulate the eye area.

Step two: correct

These products assist with the skin’s natural healing process. This is done by either providing support to the barrier or as anti-inflammatory ingredients.

The products to go for and their order of use are:

  • Serum – these are applied before your moisturiser and after toning. These help correct any issues you want to concentrate on. For example to combat fine lines.
  • Moisturiser – a moisturiser is great to keep skin hydrated and the elements away. You should use a moisturiser for day time and another thicker one at bedtime, that absorbs into the face over night.

Step three: Protect

Lastly, we want to ensure we are protecting our skin to potential damage, such as UV rays.

6. SPF- reduces inflammation in the skin by reflecting potentially harmful ultraviolet radiation. A lot of makeup will contain this, but always make sure you apply SPF before heading outside. The sun’s rays still reach your skin on a cloudy day!

The above steps will help you to keep your skin in tip-top condition. Of course, if you would like a helping hand in defying the ageing process please call us on 01438 300 111 to book in for a free consultation.

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