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Free Smile Evaluation

Do you have crowded teeth, spaces between your teeth or twisted teeth? Does this affect your confidence? Do you avoid smiling in photos?

We have treated a number of patients that were embarrassed of their smile and covered their teeth when they were talking. After our treatment, they are over whelmed and in some cases actually smile for the first time on their lives. In one case a patient wanted to straighten her teeth and would not get married until she had fixed this problem. In a matter of months we transformed her smile and later that year she returned with her wedding photos. These smile makeover treatments are really life transforming.

We are passionate about this kind of work and want more people to experience this treatment. Some people are afraid that nothing cannot be done for them, or it may hurt or it may not be affordable. So to take all these potential problems away I am offering 10 FREE consults worth £75 each and that in order to get them you simply need to visit our FB page, like it, and then tag yourself in the image that is on the FB page.

We will then contact you to arrange the free smile evaluation.

This is a limited offer for only the first 10, I don’t want you to miss out, you have everything to gain and nothing to loose.

aesthetics World Cup Whitening Offer

As our boys arrive in South Africa, aesthetics are pleased to announce their amazing teeth whitening offer for the World Cup.

This package will include:

  • New Patient Exam
  • Hygienist Therapy Assessment
  • Custom made Whitening Trays
  • Whitening Gel
  • Power Whitening Session in the surgery

Save an amazing £492. This package is only £299.

For more details see teeth whitening herts

Call 01707 261367 to achieve a dazzling sparkling whiter smile to give you that extra confidence.

patient testimonial

I contacted Mr Singh by email about 6 months before I actually went along to the practise, having seen an article on the new premises at Stevenage in a Health and Safety notice at work – inc the cost incentive to new joiners though my Company and the offer for whitening which I had always wanted done.

I knew I needed to do something but had been with my dentist for over 20 years (habit / comfort zone / loyalty and too worried to change as teeth are so very important and I didn’t want to risk any potential unnecessary work – you hear these scary stories!)

My teeth were badly scored due to wearing a brace, also worn down and discoloured making me feel self conscious and not wishing them to be seen, hence a half hearted smile was all I would do (if that) and had low self esteem – I didn’t realise I also had gum inflammation.

Eventually I made an appointment and went along, I felt nervous but the environment was lovely and I couldn’t believe Mr Singh greeted me personally and shook my hand, everything was then discussed and explained while I watched TV (how cool is that). Having seen a picture (framed!) of my teeth as they were was such a shock – no hiding this had to be dealt with.

I decided to change dentists there and then and trust Mr Singh’s work and the latest technology possible, this being 2 veneers at the front which I had done and hygiene appointments – I also joined Denplan.

Mr Singh remained polite and smiled at all times, even when I went on to hit him on the head with the mirror whilst checking my newly fitted veneers.

All of the staff are welcoming and friendly at all times; such a nice feeling knowing you can easily ask questions and feel comfortable and welcome.  

All sorted I carried on happily smiling and showing people my white, straight new smile, often having comments made as to the whiteness! Self esteem back with a vengeance!

I was happy to talk to another lady who had enquired about veneers and explain my experience was excellent and the results are amazing.

I recommended my friend joined, which she did. Excellent, I then got a phone call that I had won a recommend a friend prize, so off we went to Dublin and had the best time ever all thanks to changing dentists!

Smile wiped off my face not long after that – literally

My first maiden voyage on my new push bike lasted approx 5 mins before I went flying over the handle bars.

I smashed 1 veneer in half and was lucky (?) enough to have the 2nd one intact but pushed backwards and very loose.


Having got the bike home in bits I realised my smile was in bits also and emotionally I was so very upset – What to do it was a Saturday lunch time, how do I handle this?

I remembered Mr Singh said to call on his mobile in emergencies, I did this but was nervous doing so as I didn’t want to disturb him. He downed his BBQ tools for the family BBQ and met me @ Stevenage and opened up the dentist especially, even though he had not long left there and was settled back at home. I was very overwhelmed and relieved, I think I was probably wanting advice and reassurance not expecting any more  – I got off the phone feeling confident that he would help me.

He fitted a temporary tooth, took impressions for the new veneer (crown) and there you go smile restored within a matter of hours of the accident (shame he couldn’t fix the black eye, cracked ribs and bike as well !). No one would even know that I had literally smashed my tooth off earlier in the day….

Now that is really what I call Customer Care.

Finally a filling fell out and was replaced, much happier now as this is white one  – I suspect vanity has sneaked into my life now as well as I know the options available to me!

Changing to aesthetics was one of the best things I have ever done and I have not looked back, I have even changed hairdressers now a few times trying them out (Unheard of – so easy to stick with what you know but there’s so much more out there, you have to trust and try new things!)

I would next like to have invisalign braces to complete my look and find the prospect exciting and not at all daunting as I would have done before.

I now have so much more knowledge regarding my teeth, their care and the latest technology to keep them that way thanks to Mr Singh’s newsletter which I take time to read as I now find the subject fascinating (anorak now ???!!!!!!! – Joking)

I don’t miss appointments now unless I’m ill – the txt reminder is a must!

Summary of work I have had done:

Whitened / 2 front veneers / Hygienist advice and cleaning – worked to reduced gum inflammation / Emergency temp veneer out of hours after an accident /  veneer after my accident / root canal treatment following infection in the 2nd veneer, also related to the accident / Replacement filling with white filler.

ten things you should know before choosing a cosmetic dentist


Your dentist needs to be up to date with all the latest techniques and materials. Cosmetic dentistry is moving at a fast pace and you do not want to be stuck with someone that uses outdated techniques or materials. There are two main organisations that will keep your dentist up to date:

  • British Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry
  • American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry


artistic excellence

Smile design requires an unique ability to transform problem teeth into a flawless smile. You should not need to ask to see the dentist’s previous work; they will be proud of what they have created and be willing to share it with you. They should have portfolios available at the practice and a smile gallery section on their web site. You want to see smiles that look natural and healthy. No one wants a fake smile.


Continual professional development is a must for any dentist carrying out cosmetic dentistry. Don’t be afraid to ask about recent courses the dentist has been on and particularly courses on the procedures you are interested in. Also make sure your dentist has attended hands – on courses, so they have practised beforehand what they intend to carry out on you.


Dentists who are using the latest high tech equipment and materials are also more likely to be up to date on most recent treatments. Expect to have a quick tour of the practice – you will get a feel for the cleanliness and organisation of the clinical areas.

Expect the dentist to have digital radiographs (90% less radiation), digital cameras specially designed to take good quality pictures of your teeth, a central sterilisation area and all the relevant information on their premises.



This is the most important aspect of changing your smile procedure. Expect this to take at least an hour, as an extensive protocol needs to be followed to achieve that perfect smile. It should include the following:

  • informal discussion regarding any questions you may have about your dental needs and any specific service you are interested in 
  • tour of practice and introduction to members of your team
  • evaluation of your medical, dental and smile questionnaires


  • comprehensive examination of your teeth and supporting structures
  • any necessary digital radiographs and photographs
  • explanation of any findings via the video camera and photographs
  • discussion on treatment options available to you via previous cases treated
  • printed treatment plan outlying number of visits and costs per visit
  • discussion of different finance options available
  • address any further concerns or questions you may have



When creating that exciting new smile, the dentist will be working closely with their laboratory. The laboratory is responsible for producing the veneers. The dentist will be proud of their laboratory and will provide literature supporting their excellence.

treatment plan

Your dentist from the outset will clearly indicate the number of visits required, how long each one will last and exactly what will happen in each. You will be told how long it will take for any laboratory work to return. Your time is precious; make sure you know how long the whole procedure will take.


Cosmetic dentistry is surprisingly accessible, but be careful not to skimp on your smile. Do not automatically go for the lowest bidder – it can mean they are cutting corners on the quality of materials and at worse this can lead to more expensive and extensive treatment later on.

Before any procedure can be started, you should have a written treatment plan outlining the fees involved, payment terms and finance options available. Sometimes, creating your new healthy smile can be expensive and you should be given the choice of different financial options, to make it more affordable.


You may have initially come in for the perfect smile, but at what cost? You need to find a dentist that will be honest with you and explain all risks associated with different options. It may be in your best interests to compromise on that perfect look for something that is functional and durable. You will need to get honest answers from your dentist as to how the smile you have requested will affect your bite, gums and the general action of your teeth.



Expect to receive excellent customer care. Staff should be happy to ensure that all your questions are answered and that you are comfortable throughout your treatment. A warm relaxing environment is essential to make the treatment as comfortable as possible.

Easter Eggs – A Sweet Treat?

A guide to keeping your teeth healthy over the Easter period

Easter has always been a time to celebrate with family and friends. Originally involving the trading of eggs painted in bright colours, this tradition has evolved into a chance to indulge, if not over-indulge, in the consumption of less-than-healthy food – namely the chocolate Easter egg.

While it’s an exciting time for children with Easter egg hunts and their sugary prizes, what are the risks to young teeth? Could the onslaught of excessive amounts of sugar pose a real threat to decay starting?

As children naturally prefer sweet food, the challenge for parents and grandparents is to balance their diet by giving them the food they love while looking out for their teeth and gums.

Children can still enjoy the abundance of Easter confectionary without running undue risk of damaging their smiles.  The trick is to encourage them to eat sweets at the end of a meal, rather than constantly nibbling throughout the day:

Contrary to popular belief, frequent eating of sugary food and drinks is far worse for teeth than the volume that children actually eat. After eating sugar, teeth are under acid attack for up to an hour, so if the frequency of sugar consumption is reduced throughout the day, the chances of decay starting are reduced.

This is really important over Easter when children eat more sugary foods than normal, and the same principle applies any day of the year.

The Easter holidays are also a good time to check that children really are being diligent with tooth brushing. Teeth should be brushed thoroughly twice a day with fluoride toothpaste for a period of two minutes, which can seem like a long time to them. 

An egg-timer in the bathroom can help to ensure that sufficient time is spent to really clean teeth thoroughly – special novelty tooth timers are available in some chemists.

So, with a little thought, children can still enjoy all that Easter brings. A few sensible steps can greatly reduce the potential for damage to children’s teeth from greatly increased consumption of chocolate at this time of year.

Top Tooth Tips For Easter

  Put sweets and chocolates in a special box or tin and allow children to choose some to eat at the end of a meal.

  Supervise children’s brushing up until around the age of seven years

  Ensure children brush with a fluoride containing toothpaste for 2 minutes, twice daily

  Avoid sugary snacks and drinks between meals

  Ensure children visit a dentist regularly for check-ups

* extract courtesy of Denplan