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painfree injections

Do they really exist. I attended a one day lecture today on this very subject in London. I was surprised with the low number of my professional colleagues that attended. Compared to other more ‘sexy’ subjects it may not be as appealing as other topics.

The day was split with an American dentist in the morning discussing correct doses to use and dealing with medical emergencies. You hope you never have to deal with a severe medical emergency but it is reassuring to know what to do if such a situation arises. An interesting development came out that probably by next year dental practices would be required to keep an automatic external defibrillator. Also by next year a new injectable drug will go on the market that can reverse the signs of dental local anaesthetics.

In the afternoon we listened to a dentist from Newcastle. He has done extensive research on what type of injections and where they should be placed to give the maximum result with the minimum discomfort.

I am glad I attended this lecture, at aesthetics we will put into practice on what was learned today and together with our spa like facilities we will make your visit to us as comfortable as possible.

Dental Trade Show

Will be going to the annual dental trade show in Birmingham on Saturday. I don’t expect to make any big purchases in terms of equipment since we only opened 2 years ago. However it will be good to see any latest launches that could improve the service we offer.

It will also be a fantastic networking opportunity to talk and share ideas with all the reps from the different dental companies being inĀ one place. I remember going to one of these events as a student and picking up every bag and freebie that was going and having aching arms at the end of the day. No chance of that now.

The companies are very clever, offering showcase prices if you order on the day. Dentists generally succumb to these offers. I will be leaving my wallet and cards at home so I don’t get tempted.

keeping in touch with the latest trends in private dentistry

We have just returned from a one day seminar – Private Dentistry Live. This was held in London and was divided between Clinical and Practice Management topics.

Not one to boast but it is always reassuring to know we are doing most of the things that were mentioned on Friday. However we can always improve, so keep an eye out for some changes in the near future.

transforming the patient experience

Harry and Sean Fitzpatrick Dublin 2009

Smita and Harry attended a 1 day course in Dublin on Saturday 10th October. We were honoured to hear Paddi Lund speak (a famous Australian dentist), Sean Fitzpatrick (ex captain of All Blacks) and Chris Barrow (Dental coach). Certainly a lot was learnt and even had time for a few pints of Guinness.