Month: October 2016

Don’t be a line chaser

Don’t be a line chaser. Look at the whole face and determine the best course of action to give the patient the best results possible.

However there is a fine balance between under selling and over selling. I’ve seen many patients that initially saw a competitor and only wanted a particular problem sorted, but were handed a treatment plan for over £2k.

I generally address just the concern the new patient comes with. Obviously if their concern cannot be treated in isolation, I would advise them accordingly. If it can be treated in isolation, then I would solve that particular problem. When I see them at the review appointment, I have solved their problem, hence my credibility has skyrocketed and they trust me. Now, I can consider the whole face and a more holistic approach.

However, you don’t want to scare patients away. I use this analogy (by the way, its not mine, heard it in a conference many years ago!). I let the patient imagine I’m a train driver. They have come aboard my train. They can either stay on the train for the whole journey. Or they can get off at any stop. If they do get off at any stop, they are more than welcome to rejoin my train and start the journey again.

This solves a number of problems and possible objections that the patient maybe thinking. They do not necessarily have to have everything that I have prescribed, its ok and I’ll understand. Many patients feel guilty if they don’t undergo everything your recommend or its been a while since they have seen you and may wrongly assume you’ll be upset with them and decide to see someone else to avoid this situation. I explain that they are happy to return to me whenever they are ready.