Month: February 2014

Botox® and regulation

Dr Singh who runs his botox clinic in Stevenage, Hertfordshire, in his latest blog talks about the the latest Governments thoughts on the regulation of the cosmetic industry.


New rules designed to protect patients undergoing cosmetic surgery have been described by experts as ‘appalling’ and a ‘wasted opportunity’.

Cosmetic surgery leaders said they were aghast at the the lack of proper regulation put forward by the Government’s response to an independent review into the future of the sector.


Ministers have failed to agree to a key recommendation from NHS medical director Sir Bruce Keogh, whose review followed the PIP breast implant scandal. He wanted to make botox injections or ‘fillers’ to plump up the skin only available on prescription.


The Government said it supported the view but its hands were tied at an EU level, with work ongoing regarding such products.


There will also be no compulsory, central register of practitioners – whether for surgical, or non-surgical procedures such as botox and  fillers – as recommended by Sir Bruce.


In its response the Government said it did ‘not believe that a new regulated profession is the only way of improving patient safety by practitioners of non-surgical cosmetic interventions’.


Sir Bruce also called for patient consent to be obtained by the surgeon who will operate on them.


The Government said consent could be obtained by any surgeon. Critics argued this meant a surgeon could fly in from abroad, carry out the surgery and fly out again, giving patients no continuity of care.


The Government said it agreed ‘advertising and marketing practices should not trivialise the seriousness of cosmetic procedures’ and socially responsible advertising needs to be included in practice codes.


But it stopped short of agreeing that the special deals highlighted by Sir Bruce should be banned.


The British Association of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons (BAAPS) said it was ‘business as usual’ for the sector following today’s announcement. It’s president, Dr Rajiv Grover said: ‘Frankly, we are no less than appalled at the lack of action taken – this review, not the first one conducted into the sector, represents yet another thoroughly wasted opportunity to ensure patient safety.


‘With all the evidence provided by the clinical community, choosing not to reclassify fillers as medicines with immediate effect or setting up any kind of compulsory register beggars belief. ‘Legislators have clearly been paying only lip service to the sector’s dire warnings that dermal fillers are a crisis waiting to happen.



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* piece taken from Mail On Line

Botox® in the media

Dr Singh who runs his botox clinic in Stevenage, Hertfordshire, in his latest blog shares the recent coverage of last years Apprentice winner – Leah Totton who opened her first botox clinic.


Critics branded her plan for an empire of Botox® clinics as ‘medically inadequate’. Customers hoping to indulge in one of Dr Leah Totton’s beauty treatments, however, may find the inadequacy lies in their wallets.


As the winner of The Apprentice opened the doors to her first cosmetics clinic yesterday, the cheapest appointment on offer was a 25-minute ‘express facial’ at £50.


Other services available at the London centre included a £480 fat-freezing programme favoured by celebrities such as Caprice and Coleen Rooney, £60 anti-acne treatments and, of course, Botox® injections, which have been priced at £100.


But the young doctor attempted to silence her critics – who claimed she was ‘under qualified’ and could put patients at risk – by promising not to give the anti-wrinkle injections to under-18s.


The 26-year-old – who won a £250,000 investment from Lord Alan Sugar on the BBC1 show in July – also insisted last night she was a ‘champion of safe treatments’.


But medical experts once again criticised her, claiming her products were  designed to ‘manipulate’ vulnerable women and age restrictions were not enough.


Science writer and presenter Vivienne Parry, who sat on the Keogh review into cosmetic surgery and procedures following the PiP breast implants scandal last year, warned: ‘They aren’t being responsible by capping the age group, because they are still encouraging young women to participate in a long list of other treatments to “improve” the way they look.

‘It is still just another way of manipulating impressionable women into spending their money.’


She said: ‘It is all very well and good putting the bench mark at 18 years old, and saying we won’t give Botox® to teenagers.


‘But what about the 19, 20, 21 year olds who are trying to emulate a certain look. You only have to put on an episode of The Only Way is Essex to see how young women are becoming increasingly influenced by image and beauty and aspirational beauty.’


Dr Totton won The Apprentice in July, beating self-styled ‘business Barbie’, and now Big Brother contestant Luisa Zissmann.


The Apprentice winner was previously criticised by Nigel Mercer, the former chairman of the British Association of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons, who said with her lack of medical knowledge it would be like ‘putting a hairdresser in charge of cosmetic surgery’.


He claimed she lacked the requisite medical skills to carry out procedures, stating she will only have ‘basic knowledge of anatomy.’


Dr Totton, who is from Londonderry, claimed she was a ‘champion of safe treatments’ yesterday, adding: ‘I first got the idea [for the clinic] when one of my mother’s friends had an unfortunate botched job done on her face.

‘It was a dermal filler, which is not a prescription medication, which means anyone essentially can buy it online, and anyone can inject it. So therefore we really wanted to protect people from these kinds of companies and offer safe environments for the treatments.’



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*Piece is taken from the mail online website.

Botox® for Valentines?

Dr Singh who runs his botox clinic in Stevenage, Hertfordshire, in his latest blog talks about a recent survey carried out by the Good Surgeon Guide.


Why Give Flowers That Wither When You Can Give Botox® To Keep Me Fresh!


“Tis  a funny thing that has happened when the topic of Valentine’s gifts come up in conversation. Men think about the cost of restaurants, flowers, chocolates, sexy underwear …Where as we ladies would prefer dermal fillers, botox and skin peels! That seems to be what women were thinking based on our recent survey results.

Can this really be true? Could the notion of romance now mean the gift of youthful rejuvenated skin or confidence at enhancing your god given good looks?

It would be nice for your loved one to invest in keeping you looking lovely, and sort of share the burden. So, if you are absolutely set on giving non-surgical treatments such as botox as a gift then please, oh please, listen to our 3 golden rules:

 1. Make sure it’s a treatment they have already had and liked the results.

2. Ideally it should be a course of treatments that you have already regularly undergo with a qualified experienced cosmetic nurse doctor or surgeon.

3. If you do decided to surprise them with a treatment they haven’t tried as the gifter you must do your research nothing worse than a gift going sour”.


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