Month: December 2013

Botox® in Stevenage, Hertfordshire

Dr Singh who runs his botox clinic in Stevenage, Hertfordshire, in his latest blog writes about his experience of moving his clinic to Stevenage, Hertfordshire almost a year ago.


When you have a loyal client base of botox patients that you have steadily built up over 5 years, there is always going to be some worry when you relocate your clinic to Stevenage, Hertfordshire.


But I had nothing to worry about, looking back at the figures, over 90% of my botox patients followed me to Stevenage and I would like to thank them personally for placing their trust in my hands.


Working from my botox clinic in Stevenage has some advantage and disadvantages.


The advantages are there is no traveling time, the overheads are a lot less, I can be flexible with my botox appointment times.


The disadvantages of a home clinic in Stevenage are that I don’t see the outside world and I have tended to snack and eat a lot more, as the fully stocked up kitchen is only a few seconds away.


Once we got past the neighbours  from Stevenage giving us funny looks when my botox ladies were popping in and out of my house, when my wife was at work, it has been a very enjoyable experience.


We wish all our botox patients a great Christmas and we look forward to seeing you in 2014 in Stevenage.


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botox testimonials

Dr Singh who runs his botox clinic in Stevenage, Hertfordshire, in his latest blog shares some patient testimonials after their botox treatment.


Aesthetics provides a fantastic botox service before, during and post-treatment. The staff are very friendly but still maintaining an excellent level of professionalism. Very helpful. Would and have recommended this clinic to friends.


The best place I have been to for my botox! Aesthetics show professionalism coupled with an individualised care programme- I recommend Aesthetics to everyone I know!


Professionalism, care, and excellent quality of care and after care makes Aesthetics head and shoulders above everyone else in my opinion. Harry listens loudly, advises thoughtfully and his skill is outstanding. The premises are beautifully decorated and relaxing. Harry and his team work hard at making you feel welcome and comfortable, and I have no hesitation recommending the practice to my family, friends and work colleagues.


Harry and his team are the absolute best in their fields. They make you feel completely at home on every visit. I cannot recommend them enough. An exceptional clinic – keep up the good work guys!


I have nothing but absolute respect for this practice. They work extremely hard to make each visit as enjoyable as possible.


I would recommend Aesthetics as they have been fantastic to be able to put up with my worry about botox needles! They make me feel so at ease and its got easier and easier each time, always pleasant, helpful and friendly, have told friends about them already and would always recommend them every time – been to other places and they cant match Aesthetics.


Very Friendly practice I would recommend to others, professional, clean and an excellent standard of care.


I would recommend Aesthetics for botox, they are very friendly and put you at ease.


To me as a botox patient, Aesthetic is the best.


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botox myths

Dr Singh who runs his botox clinic in Stevenage, Hertfordshire, in his latest blog talks about the myths about botox.

#1: I will look much worse once I stop having the treatments

If you stop Botox® treatments, you will NOT look worse. The worst case scenario is that you will return to your pre-Botox® look. Some patients even report a long-lasting softening of their lines months after stopping their Botox®. Patients typically get three to four months from one injection of Botox®. With repeated use, they might only need it six to nine months later. This is especially true if the earlier re-treatments are done as soon as the muscle is just starting to move. The analogy is as seen when keeping a cast on a broken arm—the muscles soften when not being used.


#2: Botox® is a poison

Botox® is a very potent medication and can do considerable damage if injected into the wrong place in the wrong amount. This does NOT make it dangerous to use however, especially when administered by an experienced practitioner. When injected correctly, there have been no instances of side effects beyond the injection site. The key to its correct use is to have an experienced practitioner.


#3: You will look fake with botox injections

If used correctly, no one will be able to tell you have had botox. I always go for the natural look and most of my patients do it for them selves and no one else.


#4: Anyone can inject botox

No, only qualified medical practitioners, such as dentist, doctors and medical nurses can inject you and are properly qualified and insured.


#5: You will become addicted to botox

For a drug to be addictive, it must have a systemic effect. Botox® does not affect your body as a whole and does not affect the nervous system beyond the injection site. However, you might become addicted to the improved, relaxed appearance it will give you.


#6: Stay natural and don’t change your looks

Botox® does not change your appearance, it basically rolls back the years and takes you to where you used to look. If it gives you the confidence back in yourself, then there is nothing wrong with undertaking botox injections.


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botox and regulation

Dr Singh who runs his botox clinic in Stevenage, Hertfordshire, in his latest blog talks about the crackdown on illegal botox practices.


Here is an interesting article regarding this that appeared in the London Evening website.


The “booming” cosmetic surgery industry has become an “everyday product” because of programmes such as The Only Way is Essex, health officials said.

An independent review into cosmetic procedures such as botox has concluded that cosmetic interventions have become “normalised”.


The group said there has been a “trivialisation” of procedures – influenced by TV programmes such as Towie, magazines and social media.


Plastic surgeon Simon Withey, who also sat on the review board, said: “Part of the reason there hasn’t been a change (following the PIP implant troubles) is because there has been this trivialisation of plastic surgery.


“I do think shows like this (Towie) do contribute towards this trivialisation and that failure to inform the public that there are risks and implications for these things.”


NHS medical director Professor Sir Bruce Keogh, who chaired the review, added: “(An) area that is problematic is the trivialisation of cosmetic procedures – TV, magazines, social media, the internet – they all normalise it.

“They have turned cosmetic interventions into an everyday product.”


In 2010, people across the UK spent £2.3 billion on cosmetic procedures ranging from Botox® to breast implants.


Nine in 10 cosmetic procedures are non-surgical treatments such as injectable anti-wrinkle treatments – botox.


But the review board, set up following the PIP breast implant scandal, said they were “surprised” to learn that non-surgical treatments are almost entirely unregulated.


The group said there has been “explosive growth” in the market for dermal filler treatments, which involve injecting a gel-like substance into wrinkle sites.


The products, which are also used to plump up lips, should be made prescription only, the review board said.

In the US, where the items are “properly regulated”, there are just 14 items on the market, but across Europe there are 190 different types of fillers available, the review found.


Officials said the treatments, which are readily available over the internet, are currently regulated alongside items such as electric plugs, but should be classed as medical devices.


“A person having a non-surgical cosmetic intervention such as botox has no more protection and redress than someone buying a ball-point pen or a toothbrush.”


Botox® is already a prescription-only medicine, but Sir Bruce conceded that the legal restraints on the injections are “not being properly adhered to” and “all sorts of people are giving Botox®“.


“People are ordering it on the internet and giving it to themselves, giving it to their friends, there are botox parties,” he said.


“It’s not controlled as well as it might be.”


The review board also called for all people who provide cosmetic procedures to undergo formal qualifications and to be signed up to a register.


The report also made a number of other key recommendations, including extending the remit of the Parliamentary and Health Ombudsman to cover the private healthcare sector and the collection of more data surrounding cosmetic procedures so future scandals can be spotted earlier.

GPs should also be informed of treatments so if something goes wrong they know exactly what to treat, the report added.


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